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wherein is detailed Matt's experiences as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. Right now, that means lots of thinking about math.

Friday, March 30, 2012

6:00 PM

Friday Random Ten

  1. Ma, Meyer, O'Connor - Appalachia Waltz
  2. Netherlands Bach Collegium - Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata #87, "In Der Welt Habt Ihr Angst"
  3. The Choir of Corpus Christi Church - Jacob Handl (Gallus): Aspiciens a longe
  4. Burt Bacharach - Who Are These People?
  5. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
  6. Erasure - Lay All Your Love On Me
  7. Netherlands Bach Collegium: Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata #47, "Wer Ein Wahrer Christ Will Heissen"
  8. Banda, Jenez, Lukacz, Szendrey-Karper - Franz Schubert: Quartet in G Major, Theme and Variations
  9. Arthur Grumiaux/Clara Haskil - Ludwig van Beethoven: Violin Sonata #5, Op. 24 "Spring", 2nd movement
  10. Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives - Coda

And one more for the road: Berlin Chamber Orchestra - Bach: Cantata #211, "Coffee Cantata", "Hat Man Nicht Mit Seinen Kindern". Yes, Bach actually wrote a cantata about coffee.




What does "rolls a hoover" mean, anyway?

"Roll a hoover" was coined by Christopher Locke, aka RageBoy (not worksafe). He enumerated some Hooverian Principles, but that might not be too helpful. My interpretation is that rolling a hoover means doing something that you know is stupid without any clear sense of what the outcome will be, just to see what will happen. In my case, I quit my job in an uncertain economy to try to start a business. I'm still not sure how that will work out.

Why is the HTML for this page not valid?

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