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wherein is detailed Matt's experiences as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. Right now, that means lots of thinking about math.

Friday, February 17, 2012

7:37 AM

It's time for the Friday Random Ten.

  1. Rush - Cinderella Man
  2. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9 (First Impression, Part 2)
  3. Guarneri Quartet - Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet No. 2, Third Movement
  4. The Be Good Tanyas - Scattered Leaves
  5. Chor Des Norddeutschen Rundfunks - Johannes Brahms: German Folksongs WoO 35, Mit Lust tät ich ausreiten
  6. NDR Chorus Hamburg - Johannes Brahms: Lieder Und Romanzen, Op. 93A, Beherzigung
  7. Brian May - 39/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
  8. William Orbit - The Story of Light
  9. Mozart Akademie Amsterdam - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony #23, First Movement
  10. Gravity Kills - Goodbye (Demo)




What does "rolls a hoover" mean, anyway?

"Roll a hoover" was coined by Christopher Locke, aka RageBoy (not worksafe). He enumerated some Hooverian Principles, but that might not be too helpful. My interpretation is that rolling a hoover means doing something that you know is stupid without any clear sense of what the outcome will be, just to see what will happen. In my case, I quit my job in an uncertain economy to try to start a business. I'm still not sure how that will work out.

Why is the HTML for this page not valid?

BlogSpot adds the advertisement that appears at the top of this page. That advertisement is not valid HTML and is outside of my control. I believe that aside from that ad, this page is valid HTML.